Jazz - Blues - Reggae - Musique Latino & Bresilienne ainsi que de la musique traditionelle des pays du monde


Founded in Geneva in the sixties by Alain Dubois, a jazz musician, DISCO-CLUB became a reference shop in the field of records of jazz music. The business was taken over by Paul Meyer and later-on by Marc-Olivier Leschot. They both significantly contributed to develop the activities. Today, DISCO-CLUB is proud to offer a wide choice of CD, LP and musical DVD of various styles including jazz, blues and musics of the world such as salsa, brazilian, african, oriental, as well as traditional musics. DISCO-CLUB was then taken-over in May 2003 by Philippe Munger who aims to keep the specificity of the business and continue to offer what large distribution systems have neglected: advice, assistance, welcome and a wide choice of quality music.